A few key highlights of our capabilities for Non-Profits Include:

+ Logo & Brand Identity

+ Event Marketing & Event Production

+ Fundraiser drives and activities

+ CRM and Donor / Sponsor List Management

+ SEO and PPC Advertising

+ E-Newsletters and Marketing Materials

+ Social Media Management & Social Media Marketing

Marketing for non-profits is crucial to the services and goods your organization provides to the local and global community. We understand that and offer our services to non-profit organizations looking to extend their local reach and build a stronger brand message. We will work with you and your team to build marketing campaigns around key events to raise awareness and capital for your organization. We have the capabilities to manage all marketing activities for your organization as well.

Gaining an audience in the non-profit sector is not as easy as you'd think. There are many moving parts and working with us, we'll help you navigate through them and achieve your organizational goals. 



Social Media Branding

"Broadway Diversity Project"

Web Graphics

"Touching Heart"

Brand Identity

"Great Lakes Light Opera"


Clothing & Swag Gear

"Great Lakes Light Opera"

Event Marketing

"Touching Heart"